Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nobody wanted to send her 'home'

The Winter 2006 TCU alumni magazine contains a round-up of opinions about immigration from different people connected to the university. Here are short excerpts and links to a few of the pieces:

"Those who are here and who are coming here are, after all, family and neighbors. Be careful how you treat them. Be careful how you counsel your congressional delegation."

"We don't need a wall or more border patrol agents. My recommendations:
• Staff to screen out criminals and terrorists.
• Easy and quick processing of immigration documents.
• Working with other countries to determine why so many people are coming to the United States and then resolving those issues.
• Allowing people here illegally to become permanent residents and get on the path to citizenship.
• Talking with immigrants, documented and undocumented, to learn more about immigration issues."

"Many illegal immigrants do not know how to speak out against everything that surrounds them. I wanted to speak for those who are limited because of their legal status."

" Nancy Najera was from Juarez, Mexico. She was not supposed to be here.
She came for college, and stayed. Fort Worth loved her. Nobody wanted to send her 'home.' I think of Nancy whenever I hear someone bash Mexico's people, or call immigrants a burden, or complain about the Spanish language that Tejanos share with our cousins south of the border."