Friday, December 25, 2009

Another law that forgives

According to this Tennessean article by Chas Sisk, Tennessee State Rep. Brenda Gilmore has embraces the concept of earned legalization - for drivers - proposing to "forgiv[e] violators of up to half of their fines and penalties" and allow them "to work off a portion of their remaining fine through public service."

She is paraphrased as saying, "Many of these people are still driving despite having suspended licenses, and those who are not often have trouble finding transportation to and from work, making it harder for them to hold down jobs."

Serious driving offenses would not be covered.

Memphis and Milwaukee have done similar things, according to the article. Also, Nashville has the same kind of project on its agenda, sponsored by Erica Gilmore (daughter of Brenda) and Pro-English advocate Eric Crafton.

"Forgiving" laws are common in the United States.