Thursday, July 06, 2006

Super but Undocumented

Re "Truth, Justice and (Fill in the Blank)," by Erik Lundegaard (Op-Ed, June 30):

In all versions of the tale, Superman arrived as an undocumented alien. Conservative bloggers complain because the current movie has dropped specific mention of his struggle for "the American way" of life.

So how can these conservatives support this one undocumented yet assimilated fictional man's struggle for the American way and not that of the 12 million other undocumented, most of whom struggle daily to be part of the American way of life?

John F. Burckardt

Cambridge, Mass., July 1, 2006

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John F. Burckardt said...

Thank you for posting my letter to the editor of the NY Times.
J. F. Burckardt