Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Immigration Scam

The immigration scam
by Harry Browne
© 2001 WorldNetDaily.com

"Arguments about immigration will always be with us. But it's important to understand that the real issue isn't freedom for immigrants – it's your freedom."

"The arguments about immigration overlook one critical fact: No matter what the politicians say or do, the immigrants keep coming. The volume hasn't changed noticeably in decades.

"Political promises to keep America free of the great unwashed masses are just one more political scam."

"[Trying to limit immigration] is a confession that America is no longer the most prosperous country in the world – no longer a country so big, so free, and so open-handed that it can accommodate anyone in the world who wants to come here and work to improve his life."

"A free and prosperous society has no fear of anyone entering it."


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